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Title: From
Prompt: Transatlanticism
Word Count: 193 (35 lines)

A/N #1: Another round of poetry. This was an assignment for my Women in Lit class, and I thought I could take it a step further and make it contribute to this project. So, there you go. The basic form (and the assignment) came from George Ella Lyon's poem "Where I'm From."
A/N #2: As with everything, LJ screws up the intended spacing of this. For every line that doesn't start with a capital letter, pretend it's tabbed over once. Thanks. :)

I am from old cars and aeroplanes,
from transatlanticism.
I’m from Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica,
to the Empire state
to the oldest town in Texas
to drinking pop instead of soda.
I am from smothered hints of culture shock.

I am from Doctors of Philosophy.
I’m from I’m telling Mom
to Let’s get coffee and discuss the history of mathematics.
I’m from scholars and valedictorians.
I am from Nequis Nos Impediat.

I am from Stanley Kowalski’s Polack speech,
from kielbasa and hot pierogi.
I’m from pickle soup on rainy nights
(which is itself the essence of home).
I am from big East-European cheeks.

I am from words becoming flesh.
I’m from the arms of Mr. Rochester
and the heart of Sydney Carton.
I’m from the lips of Holden Caulfield.
I am from celluloid dreams,
from shock zooms, C-47s, and Hollywooding the diffusion for the next take.
I’m from quiet on the set all the way to that’s a cut.
I am from abstract thinking.

I am from a star’s last breath,
an echo,
a dream,
a remembrance.
I am from where the Future and the Past collide.
I am from a moment of infinity.
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