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Title: Gravity
Prompt: Gravity
Word Count: 242

A/N: Just a short little drabble. Take it or leave it, I guess.


What can you say when the world around you seems to be dying? Can you whisper I'm sorry to the wind and hope he'll bear your flimsy message to the gods? Can you shout Don't leave me! to the sun, and then cry when Helios streaks across the sky to abandon you to darkness? Can you hold the hands of those you love and with a heavy heart mutter I want to save you? Perhaps there's nothing you can say, and nothing you can do, and the only course of action you can think of is to stand by and silently watch a great force be reduced to a hoary echo.

* * *

Kylie wishes she were an astronaut. She wishes she could escape the world and see it only through the thick screen of a helmet, floating weightlessly through space. An eternal orbit around the dying globe, surrounded by the souls of exploded comets and faded stars, is Kylie's true desire. She wonders, though, if gravity would pull her back to the world she left.

Kylie's foot crunches on the brown and orange leaves littering the sidewalk. She barely looks both ways before she dashes across the street, her boots splashing through day-old puddles collected in the cracked street's depressions. As it is, she's not a spacewoman, but the best friend of a bride-to-be who's marrying the wrong man, and she's late for their date to look at dress colors.

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