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Fic!23 - fic!23

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Previous Entry Fic!23 Feb. 13th, 2007 @ 11:37 am
Title: )brown eyes love better than blue eyes
Prompt: Traces
Word Count: 58 (11 lines)

So...we're done? Apparently I can't write short stories anymore. Only poetry. So, yeah. It happens.

Of course, LJ messes up the spacing. But I tried to fix it, and it just ends up looking even worse. Hmph. Whatever.

Anyway. It's been real.

)brown eyes love better than blue eyes

brown eyes (like the hush-hush life-grow dirt)
love better than
blue eyes (like the crashy-splashy seas)
because they don't fade to
grey eyes (like the drip-drop rainy sky)
with the passing of seasons

but i've the bright eye-dia to love

green eyes (like the gangrene-infected limb you can
amputate without remorse--

and someday smirk at
the phantom itches
Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: The New Amsterdams - The Spoils of the Spoiled
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