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Fic!21 - fic!23

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Previous Entry Fic!21 Dec. 20th, 2006 @ 09:43 pm Next Entry
Title: Roman Architecture
Prompt: Moments
Word Count: 154 (27 lines)

I. Doric
A skin-brush, blood-rush, face-flush moment.
Between us melts an ice age. Warmth,
A touch born of accident, hands met,
Lingered, parted. The glacier fades away.
Drops of wonder, under which I grasp
The river is everywhere.
All we have is now, an unadorned
Universe. Paths part, feelings disperse.

II. Ionic
A brown-eyed, left-side, feelings-hide wink.
In an empty corridor, your voice
Bears the weight of a yoke-broken star
Careening with haste toward the earth.
My shy smile betrays my giddiness
At your muttered word: hello. But this
Fleshy-dimpled moment’s simple and
Never built to last. Hearts beating, we pass.

III. Corinthian
A breath-hitch, heart-twitch, tension-rich pause.
Eyes lock, and for a brief eternity,
The universe is painted brown. Futures
We’ll never touch are born as cosmic
Dust, finite matter in space. Your face
Displays a thousand ways you know we’ll
Never be. Beautiful, complicated,
We’d fall. These subtle moments—they’re our all.
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Current Music: The New Amsterdams - Poison in the Ink
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