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Fic! 13 May. 17th, 2006 @ 09:43 pm
Title: Rise & Fall
Prompt: The Harder They Fall
Word Count: 166 (42 lines)

Rise & FallCollapse )
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Fic!12 Apr. 26th, 2006 @ 09:28 pm
Title: Jade Walton's 115th Dream
Prompt: Overcome Me
Word Count: 475

A/N: Yep. The title's ripped from the Bob Dylan album. :D

Jade Walton's 115th DreamCollapse )
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Fic!11 Apr. 25th, 2006 @ 09:51 pm
Title: Peas
Prompt: Colors Invading Sight
Word Count: 410

A/N: Originally part of a series of five vingettes; two of them never came to me, one turned into an average length story, and the other I'll post tomorrow, maybe.

PeasCollapse )
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fic!10 Apr. 8th, 2006 @ 11:35 pm
Title: The Hollow Man
Prompt: Clouds Like Mountains
Word Count: 2,148

Author's Note: The title (and consquently, a part of the story) are from T.S. Eliot's fantastic poem, "The Hollow Men". If you've never read it, I ask you to do so before reading this piece.

The Hollow ManCollapse )
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fic!9 Mar. 30th, 2006 @ 11:33 pm
Title: Pygmalion & Galatea
Prompt: Mannequinism
Word Count: 394 (48 lines)

Author's Note: Aright, aright, gimme a break. I was on a poetry kick that week. It's gone, don't worry.

Pygmalion & GalateaCollapse )
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Other entries
» fic!8
Title: These Are Not Your Glory Days, But They Will Come
Prompt: The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows
Word Count: 429 (54 lines)

A/N: So, yeah, it's a poem. Different than my usual schtick, I know, but poetry is creative writing, too, which is what I'm working for here. Let me be. :)

Not Your Glory Days...Collapse )
» fic!7
Prompt: The Beginning of Always
Title: An Ode to Maybe: a Fairy Tale for Catherine
Word Count: 2,728

Author's note #1: Yes. It's about exactly who you think.

Author's note #2: I wrote this for Catherine as a good luck present for the states Debate tournament (she's there right now!). That's where the "a Fairy Tale for Catherine" bit comes in. It's not some hidden meaning of the story that you don't get, or anything like that.

Author's note #3: Something a little different right now. I want to get this piece up right away, but it is chock-full (and I mean, seriously) of italics, which are really annoying to do individually. So, I'm just giving you a link to where the story is uploaded, and you can download it from there. If I ever get enough energy, I'll repost the whole thing here.

An Ode to MaybeCollapse )
» fic!6
Prompt: An Boot on the Sidewalk
Title: Eve 3K
Word Count: 936

Author's Note: I really don't like this piece. It stemmed from a pretty good idea, but it just ended up badly. But I don't want to rewrite...so here it is. And the way it fits with the prompt is a huge stretch. Oh well. Forgive me.

Eve 3KCollapse )
» fic!5
Prompt: I'd Prefer Not to Be Rescued
Title: The Falling of Umbrellas from Parking Garages
Word Count: 2665

Note 1: I know I suck at life and I'm way behind on this project. I highly doubt I'll make the deadline, but I don't think I'm disappointing anyone other than myself, so it's somewhat alright.

Note 2: This piece is probably going to be subject to a re-edit. I just really, really need to post something to get back in the groove. But it's good for the most part. Maybe a line here or there will end up changing. Don't worry about it.

Note 3: I think the title works, but I could be wrong. You never know about these things until you try. The other titles I considered follow; tell me if you think my decision-making skills were lacking when I picked "...Umbrellas..."

Other Title Options:
Jackie & Drew
Feeling A Moment Slip Away
I Feel Like Eternity Could Taste Like Sea Salt
You Know We Got To Jump
The Realization That Life Isn't Life Until You Live What Hasn't Been
Love and Time and Sand

the falling of umbrellas...Collapse )
» fic!4
Prompt: Fork in the Road
Title: Of Soul and Body
Word Count: 2088

This piece, I don't know. I feel like the tone might be wrong. I mean, the plot's there, but maybe the tone is too melodramatic. Eek.

So I'm asking for real constructive criticism here. Not a blanket statement, but specific lines/passages that were either good or needed improvement. Please? If not, okay. I'll deal. Doc John will read it eventually.

Maybe it's just the adverbs that are bogging me down.

Of Soul and BodyCollapse )
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